Make Waves Clards—Greetings that Clean Up - Greeting CLARD
Make Waves Clards—Greetings that Clean Up - Greeting CLARD
Make Waves Clards—Greetings that Clean Up - Greeting CLARD
Make Waves Clards—Greetings that Clean Up - Greeting CLARD

Make Waves Clards—Greetings that Clean Up

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The most sustainable greeting on the planet. Send eco-friendly Soak iT Up CLARDS—Greetings that Clean Up—literally. Unique greetings double as reusable cleaning cloths.

1 CLARD = 3,000 paper towels.

Make Waves Whale Tail Clard transforms from a cute greeting to two clever cleaning cloths! Friends will surely wale over this tale. 

Wrap-around label does double duty to share sentiment on the front and use information on back:

Yes, ADD WATER! This clever eco-greeting doubles as a cleaning cloth. Wet to remove label, rinse, and clean up. Use for months, launder in dishwasher, microwave to sterilize. Compost when worn. Learn more at CLARDS.

Folded CLARDS are approx 4 ¾ x 5 ½. Blank inside.

Write on with a fabric or permanent marker so your personal message can be enjoyed daily for months. Or use any pen and your message will last only until the recipient wets it. 

Includes custom non-velopes and seals for mailing. Eco-friendly “non-velope” design uses minimal materials and processes compared to traditional envelopes.
Inside non-velope instructions:

You got a CLARD!

This unique greeting doubles as an eco-friendly
reusable cleaning cloth. Read it, rinse it, and enjoy it for months. Clean up spills, wash dishes, scrub the tub. Compost when worn.

U.S. Patent No. 11,027,570

  • 1 Cloth = 15 rolls of paper towel.
  • “Magic” Swedish dishcloth absorbs 20X its weight in liquid.
  • 100% natural and compostable.
  • Quick dry so they don't harbor bacteria.
  • Easy clean in dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Sanitize in the microwave or in boiling water.
  • Water-based enviro-happy ink.
  • Durable, soft 70% cellulose & 30% cotton.
  • Perfect for quick cleanups in the kitchen, bath, or nursery. Durable enough for the car, boat, camper, or spills at the grill.
  • Works well on dishes, countertops, pet paws, faces, stainless, mirrors, and more.
  • Perfect hostess, birthday, or new home gift.
  • When worn, chop up and put in your plants to help keep soil moist longer.
  • Mom-designed in Minnesota, USA. Made in Sweden and USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Maureen H.
Great cards with a purpose!

Love these Soak iT Up Cloths! The Clards are the cutest and make wonderful cards and gifts in one. Great way to share my love for these cloths!

Love these cloths

I have used the cloths before, they are great and last forever. I love the clards. This is my first time to order and can’t wait to send them out to someone. They are really cute, great gift, card in one.