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Reading the inspiring words on my purchases helps me get through tough times, especially “Butterflies are like women. We may look pretty and delicate, but we can fly through a hurricane.” My daily challenges are like hurricanes but, in the end I always make it through. Sometimes with battle scars but the job gets done.

Worked perfectly

I loved the light scent, I broke it up into small pieces and put in the detergent slot of my front load washer. After it filled up I peeked in the drawer and it had all dissolved as described, worked great. No residue in washer or on clothes.

Love it!

Snowy Tree Red Cardinal
Looking Good Longer!

One thing I never understand is that most Swedish dishcloths of the world have a white background with a colored design. Anyone who uses these cloths knows how difficult it is to keep them white! Cheers to those people who finally figured this out and use other colors in the background. The dishcloths look better for a longer time.

Thank you Debra!
Your positive feedback is appreciated! We're thrilled to hear you like our approach to dishcloth design. We agree – using vibrant colors in the background not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps maintain a fresh look over time. Cheers to longer-lasting and good-looking dishcloths! If you ever have more thoughts to share, feel free to reach out.

Good sized cloth

The Swift Mopper XL did not fit my old Swiffer mop/handle, but I am using the cloth anyway. The size is great for the floor and very sturdy.

Sharing the Joy

Love sending something creative, useful and hopefully making an impact

Love Soak it Up!

Love the dishcloths and laundry soap!

Five chickadees on Frosted Branches

Love, these cloths. They replace paper towels in so many ways. Always smell fresh and work hard on the task at hand.

Happy I Switched!

I love that this product is helping to rid the planet of plastic waste. I have been trying to reduce my family’s use of plastic (haven’t bought plastic water bottles in years) and I am so happy to have found Sheet Happens laundry detergent. Great product, works great!

I have not given them out yet, I am saving for holiday exchange - this will be their card that converts to a sponge....nothing to throw away

No Mess

Finally, no plastic bottle or broken detergent pod messes. I love this product.


I was wondering if you were ever going to come out with unscented laundry sheets? My friend is using your laundry sheets and loves them and I would really love to use them also but I need to use unscented laundry detergent

Its a new swifter device,but the mopper pad is about an inch over on both sides??

Hi Cheryl,

They do hang over a bit. We think it helps cleaning corners.

If you prefer they can easily be trimmed down with a sharp scissors.

Hope you are enjoying and thanks for using reusable products!

Love these, they last a long time !!

Swift mopper works great!

I love this works like a damp mop on my laminate floors..I just used water and it’s great for people like me with asthma who are sensitive to those chemical wet disposable pads..and it’s reusable so you save the environment and your wallet. I did cut it to fit my smaller mop head..

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that our Swift Mopper has proven to be a great fit for your needs. It's fantastic to know that it's working effectively on your laminate floors and providing an asthma-friendly alternative. Your eco-conscious approach to reusing the mop head is not only admirable but also beneficial for both the environment and your wallet. We appreciate your support and are thrilled to have you as a satisfied customer.


I've enjoyed this design many times ordering. It's a dreamy forest.

Time to Wine Red
Linda Skipper
Soak it Ups

Soak it Ups are great! Very absorbent and easy to clean.

Great card/gift!

Such a great idea!!

I would love to see some spring and more summer themes.


I love all the soak it up cloths I have purchased. I particularly like the teal color with yellow logo of Love More as well as the’s a perfect gift for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Love it.

Soak it up is great.


Love these sponge clothes.

I Beat a Year

I used one Soak it Up for more than a year and finally, because I love the colors and designs I cut it up, soaked it, and revived a plant that I usually over water. I like your Clards too. It gives me a good feeling that the card is great for many things like a quick coaster, clean-up, anything that needs soaking up. I am in assisted living. You would be amazed at all the uses I have found for both Clards and clothes.

You Clean Up Nice
Kassandra Peterson

These dish clothes are awesome for wiping up spills, dirty hands, tables, dishes and more. They are fabulous and the pictures and saying are cute too boot!


So pleased with the performance of these little sheets. I have a front load washer and was concerned the paper might not dissolve in the dispenser. No worries though. Clothes and dispenser cup are super clean!