GARDENING Good for the SOIL, Great for the SOUL

Gardening, Good for the SOIL, Great for the SOUL

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Gardening, Good for the SOIL, Great for the SOUL Swedish dishcloths from Soak it Up Cloths. 1 cloth=1,500 paper towels.


Plant something beautiful, it will grow your soul. Be sure to compost your cloth when you're through.

Bright colored Swedish Soak it Up dish cloths are your clever compostable cleaning companion. Our unique designs are environmentally friendlier than similar cloths because we use one color printing to cut down on manufacturing materials and ink. Do your part, use ultra-eco Soak it Up Cloths.
8" x 6 3/4"

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Customer Reviews

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Love the Soak It

I enjoy the cloths. They are the right size and are great for wiping my countertops and drying dishes that did not come completely dry in the dishwasher

Nice 👍🏼

I’ve made several purchases for myself and to gift. Nice quality product at a reasonable price. I’ve use them to wash dishes but especially like them to wipe up the water splashes around the sink. I have very hard water that leaves mineral deposits and theses cloths do the job!

Doris Ware
Soak it up Cloths

These are the best! They can be used to sop up spills, wash dishes, clean sinks, bathtubs, what ever you want to clean. They work great

Wendy L
Beautiful and functional cloths!

The Soak IT Up Cloths are a wonderful alternative to paper towels and sponges. They last a long time, can easily be washed, and their designs add cheer to the kitchen!

Julie Porter

Gardening, Good for the SOIL, Great for the SOUL