"Best Gift Ever" favorite reviews from Soak iT Up Cloths customers

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I love to get feedback on Soak iT Up Cloths and Clards. Here are some reviews that made me smile.

These are my go to for wash cloths to wipe up counters, table, floor spills, I love the colors and patterns, and prefer these over other brands that are white, as these last longer concealing some dirt and wear. If you haven't tries these you must! This bright yellow and orange one will be great spring colors."

I Love Love Love these cloths - They last a very long time - I don’t use as much paper towel anymore - I love the fact that they are eco friendly - Plus - I can refreshed them - What a great deal - Here’s a funny about these cloths - I’ve gifted them to my brother - He uses them in the shower instead of a wash cloth."


I have ordered these handy little cloths several times now, so cute and functional. I like to give them as gifts but of course keep some for myself."

"Very satisfied customer

This order was a gift to my sister but I received a Clard from my daughter for Christmas and love this product ! It is the most handiest and hard working little towel…love the many different choices too. I’ll be purchasing more in the near future. Thank you !"

"My favorite new product

I used one of these cloths at my friend’s home and I liked it so I ordered a few to try and I will never use a sponge or cloth again.
I have gifted the soak it up cloths to all my friends and family and they love them too."

We asked why you bought Soak iT Up:

"Love these dishcloths; also have family in Minnesota. Great for gifting!"

"used these in the 70's and now my kids love them history repeats itself lol"

"Great product that's good for the planet !"

"I bought these for my bridesmaid proposal gifts. Thank you!"

"The coffee ones are perfect for my coffee bar!"

"As a gift for my best friend and her daughters! Your cloths are the BEST!"

"Excellent product, eliminates using a lot of paper towels! Second order I have placed totally satisfied."

"Helping to save our precious Earth"

"Bright and cheery!"

"This is a 'housewarming' gift for my parents new camper. Way better than a card for so many reasons, and it is such a practical gift."

Last fall we started doing markets the first one at the MN State Fair Grounds. That led to Jackalope Festival, Market of the Crow, and then MN Christmas Market. These were great opportunities to talk to you—my favorite customers— about Clards and get your reactions, ideas, questions and comments.

One of the questions I heard most often was "does it take a regular stamp?" The answer is yes, one first class letter postage stamp is all you need to mail.

"How long do they last?" The answer it depends on how hard you clean, but if you launder in the top rack of the dishwasher and don't put in the dryer (microwave instead) they will last 6-12 months. If you are my 95 year old mother, they last for 2-3 years! 

My all time greatest comment that I heard at least 6 times is "cool, you should go on Shark Tank". Hmmmm. Maybe someday. 

Hope to see you at a market soon. 


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