Buying Minnesota-made for the Holidays and ANYDAY

Buying Minnesota-made for the holidays

A lot of us want to shop local for the holidays, but it can be hard work to find those small brands and out-of-the-way shops. Given the toll of the pandemic on small businesses, customers this holiday season can be the difference between a maker succeeding and a store closing. 

Host Angela Davis talks about the impact of buying local and how to find everything from jewelry made in Minneapolis to charcuterie boards handcrafted in Hutchinson.

Here are the local marketplaces, makers, products and stores recommended by guests and callers:

And even more recommendations from Angela’s Twitter feed and online listeners.

Want to share your favorite? Tell us here and we’ll add it to the list.


Editor's note (Dec. 7, 2021): A previous version of the audio above contained a racially offensive phrase used by one of the guests on the show. That phrase has been removed from the audio.

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