Say Goodbye to the Days of Greetings Ending Up in the Trash!

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Soak iT Up Clards are greetings that clean up literally. Eco-friendly dish wish cards. Reusable Swedish dishcloth and greeting in one.

Have you seen the newest thing in greeting cards - Clards! They're not your average greeting card, though. Oh no, they're Swedish cloths turned into cards that are washable, reusable, and compostable!

Say goodbye to the days of greetings ending up in the trash after a few days on display. Clards are a gift in themselves because they're not only compostable, they double as reusable, washable cleaning cloths. Talk about a two-in-one gift! Plus, they come in a variety of cute and clever designs that will make any occasion extra special.

Can you imagine the look on your friend's face when they receive a Clard? They'll be wondering why they've never received such a unique and practical card before. And the best part? They can use it to clean up their kitchen messes, wipe down counters, or even use it as a makeshift coaster for their birthday wine.

But let's be real, the real gift here is to Mother Earth. By choosing Clards over traditional paper cards, we're reducing waste and giving back to the planet. And if you really want to go the extra mile, pair your Clard with their favorite herb plant or a reusable water bottle for a complete eco-friendly gift package.

So the next time you need to send a card, skip the traditional paper option and gift responsibly with Clards instead. It's a clever and funny way to show you care about the environment and the person you're giving it to. Let's all give Clards a round of applause for being the best thing to happen for birthdays since cake and ice cream!

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