Who's Your Santa? No, really who is? Think about it.

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Makes you think.
To me Santa is all the people who add love and joy to life. My Mom has been my Santa forever. Sometimes it is a friend, my kids, or even a stranger. I have been at markets most of November and December and have gotten so much joy from the Santa pictured here. He was beautiful, kind, and he knew me! Watching kids (of all ages) with him was a delight. I asked Santa who his Santa? his reply, "Why, I am!"Who's your Santa, Santa?
The markets are a way for me to talk to you, my favorite customers. You are my Santa's when you laugh at my "mom" jokes and listen to my story about Clards and why I created them. My favorite reactions are "Oh, oh, I love that," or "What a good idea," or "I HAVE to send one to (so and so) they will love this." Sometimes people thank me. It's great to listen watch people discover and better yet, tell their friends.
It is often a relief for parents when little ones come to the realization that Santa is just a magical or marketing myth. But the reality is we all need a Santa.
I try to be a good Santa for my kids and hope to be a grand Santa some day!
I designed my "Who's Your Santa" cloth and Clard thinking about my Mom and all Mom's that are our Santas.
So think about it, who is YOUR Santa? 


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