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MAY 4, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Looking for a unique yet affordable way to create gasp-worthy wedding welcome bags? Need ideas for creative items, themes, and wrapping that are sure to surprise guests? If so, these unique wedding welcome bag ideas are here to help.

In this post, we reveal our top picks for tips, tricks, and truly unique wedding welcome bag ideas. Whether you’re looking for a delightful way to tell your love story or you simply need suggestions that go beyond “something sweet plus something salty," we’ve got you covered.

Explore these expert-approved unique wedding welcoming bag ideas 

4. Make it eco-friendly

Looking for unique wedding welcome bag ideas but aren’t sure how to make them sustainable? Look no further. There are lots of ways to make your wedding welcome bags eco-friendly. Start by considering what you’ll package them in.

For starters, favor bags made out of seed paper are really cool and fully plantable, creating wildflower blooms guests can enjoy long after the wedding ends. You can also trade traditional tissue paper for the biodegradable version. Or, leave a note in your welcome bag letting guests know that you’re reusing tissue paper from past gifts with the suggestion they consider doing the same.

Not sure what to put in the bag itself? If no straws will be offered at your wedding, a reusable metal one or a small pack of paper straws is a great addition. You can also include other eco-friendly items such as Swedish dishcloths by Soak iT Up Cloths and others.

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