Episode 65 Minnesota Circle shared Founder of Soak iT Up Cloths And Clards How Each Clard Replaces 3000 Paper Towels

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Carla S On Soak iT Up Cloths And Clards, How Each Clard Replaces 3000 Paper Towels, And Why You Need To Check Out This Unique Local Company
NOV 23, 2021 EPISODE 65
Hannah and Nicole


In episode 65 we speak with Carla Scholz from Soak iT Up Cloths and Clards. Carla shares how she started her business, why she chose Swedish dish cloths, and her innovative way to turn them into greeting cards! Carla shares all the many ways she uses them around her house, how to keep them clean, and even throw them in your garden! If you are looking for more ways to be eco-friendly, including sending holidays cards that people will actually USE, listen to this episode now!

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Soak iT Up provides ultra eco gifts and greetings that EVERYone can USE.
Our patented sustainable Clards are greetings that clean up, literally.
Made from European sponge cloth, Clards are clever greeting cards that once wet, transform into reusable, compostable cleaning cloths that last for months! Each Clard can do the work of 3,000 paper towels.
Why send a traditional greeting that sits on a shelf or in a drawer and collects dust when you can send a Clard that collects dust in the best way. Learn more at their website.

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