From Famadillo: Clards – Greeting Cards that Are Sponges

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Clards – Greeting Cards that Are Sponges

We absolutely love to cover crazy and unusual gifts. Recently, one of our stories on garbage bags scented like pumpkin spice went viral. Two years ago, we were famous for breaking news on Pornaments, the porn-style ornaments.

This year is something that is both unusual, but exceptionally functional at the same time. Greeting cards that double as sponge cloths. Clards, definitely have the reaction of it being so striking and unusual. That said, the fact that it’s sold as unbelievably functional it quite appealing.

Greeting cards are a complete waste of money and time. What is relatively nothing appealing about them, and generally speaking people buy them and throw them out just as quickly. In this case, you have a product that actually serves a purpose.

From Famadillo: Clards – Greeting Cards that Are Sponges

Is it completely crazy and something your guests will talk about? Absolutely.  The recipient will definitely be remembering your crazy card while they do their dishes.

If you’re looking for a card to just throw the check in a Clard, and they will remember you each time they use a Clard to wash the dishes.

Usually, when I am doing the stories like this, I’m making fun of the ridiculousness of the products, but in this case, I love the fact that somebody thought of how to design a greeting card into something that actually serves some form of purpose.

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