The most eco-friendly greeting card on the planet!

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Clards are first a greeting, then a reusable cleaning cloth. FUNctional greeting Clards feel good to give and are great to get. One Clard can do the work of 3,000 paper towels. 


Check out our new limited edition Clard designs for fall and the holidays. Status Crow, Gardening good for the soil, great for the soul, Sh*t Happens Soak iT Up, Baby Polar Bear and more. 

Each Clard can be customized by choosing and event or sentiment like Happy Birthday, Congrats, Missing You, and Thank You depending on the design. 

The back of Clards explains what the recipient has received along with information inside the unique mailing envelope. Write in your Clard with a gel pen. Takes one first class stamp.

Impress your friends this holiday season by sending an eco-friendly greeting they will love. 


Click here to watch video and learn how together we can save over 25 billion gallons of water a year. 

 Cardinal branches greeting Clard

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